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Where there is art, there is Faenza Printing.

Faenza Printing still in the spotlight for the DESTE Foundation’s event.

From June 18th to 20th, Faenza Printing participated, by exclusive invitation, in a series of important events organized by the DESTE Foundation on the beautiful island of Hydra, Greece.

The DESTE Foundation, which means “to look” in Greek, is a non-profit institution founded in Geneva in 1983 by collector Dakis Joannou. It promotes contemporary art in all its forms through art exhibitions, projects, and publications. In its exhibition space in Athens, the DESTE Foundation showcases both emerging and established artists, aiming to introduce the public to the value of art, improve opportunities for young artists, and explore new connections between contemporary art and culture.

One of these events promoted by the DESTE Foundation took place on the island of Hydra from June 18th to 20th, where Faenza Printing also played a leading role.

Among the various initiatives and opening ceremonies we attended, the public presentation of the book “DESTE 33+” held great importance.

DESTE 33+: a precious box that holds true treasures

“DESTE 33+”, curated by Greek-Cypriot art collector Dakis Joannou and edited by Karen Marta, is the new publication that gathers all the extraordinary projects of the DESTE Foundation from 2015 to 2022, printed and bound by Faenza Printing for the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art.

“DESTE 33+” follows the previous volume “DESTE 33 years: 1983–2015”, which collects the works and exhibitions of the Foundation from 1983 to 2015.

This volume, for which we also created an original box set, is much more than a simple catalog that compiles years of exhibitions and installations: “DESTE 33+: 2015–2022” is a true journey through the creative talent of many artists who are part of Dakis Joannou’s curatorial world.

Archive images, essays, and testimonials provide readers with a magnificent overview of the great work the DESTE Foundation has been doing in recent years and its enormous contribution to the world of contemporary art. Within its pages, we find artists such as Urs Fischer, Kara Walker, and Jeff Koons, as well as many young emerging artists who are increasingly becoming protagonists in the new art world.

As stated by Joannou, the curator of the work, “DESTE has always had an interest in the current climate, engaging in a global dialogue and offering a platform for new voices.”

Eight years after the release of “DESTE 33 years: 1983–2015,” “DESTE 33+” represents a highly explanatory introduction to the state of art today.

Faenza Printing, always the first choice!

“DESTE 33+” is an art book characterized by its high number of pages, 416 in total. Its uniqueness lies in the four-color printing technique combined with various Pantone colors for the different internal pages, faithfully representing the exhibited artworks.

For the interior, the choice fell on wood-free coated Garda paper with a matte surface and maximum smoothness, while the endpapers are printed in four colors on uncoated paper.

The cover, which accurately reflects the artistic value of the work, is coated with matte coated paper, printed in four colors with glossy lamination and hot foil stamping in MATTE WHITE on the front and MATTE BLACK on the back.

Like any respectable art book, it is a prestigious hardcover bound with squareback and headbands to convey importance.

To protect the immense value of this volume, we have created a prestigious box set with a self-assembling box made of Fedrigoni Materica Gesso paper, printed in four colors with protective varnish.

Why do internationally renowned artists, curators, and publishers choose Faenza Printing for the printing of their art books?

As confirmed by our CEO Claudio Rossi, this happens because we have become an exclusive reference point in the world of printing, reaching a level of excellent quality. Those who want to print excellence come to us!

Thanks to the expertise acquired over 40 years of experience and our continuous innovation, Faenza Printing is always the first choice for printing the most prestigious national and international projects.

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