Catalogues and brochures

An extra added-value tool for your firm.

Corporate identity is increasingly digital but still takes paper form, with the latter being an optimal commercial support tool primarily for firms working in the fashion, jewellery and healthcare sectors.

Direct marketing campaigns help to consolidate the client-brand relationship in engaging and tangible ways and cannot be entirely digitalised.

Paper communication significantly increases consumer perception of products. Leafing through a catalogue and feeling it in your hands activates parts of the brain and stimulates memories of the brand viewed. Engagement is slower paced and more considered.

Engagement is slower paced and more considered.

Catalogues are the visual material which is most in demand in the advertising sector and are to be considered a strategic tool for the achievement of a firm’s marketing goals, especially when a firm has a great many products to showcase.

In the sales sector the advantage of visual merchandising is its ability to engage people and reach consumers more quickly. Consumers are more easily drawn into a message presented by a colourful brochure cover.

Catalogues are, in fact, a creative and dynamic way to showcase a company’s products and are not to be confused with brochures or leaflets which are primarily of use in advertising new products. Catalogues are a way of reinforcing brand identity and a valid communication tool even for small firms which need to keep clients up-to-date in detail.

Catalogues are institutional or sales tools with long lives and are used to get across specific messages:

  • Company catalogues
  • Travel catalogues
  • Fashion catalogues
  • E-commerce catalogues

Catalogues can be made out of any type of paper and in any finish and format. Bindings are paperback style or use metal staples and contain certain essential elements such as:

  • A corporate introduction
  • A clear, easy-to-read font
  • A high graphics-impact cover
  • High resolution product photos
  • Concluding pages
  • A back cover


As compared to catalogues, brochuresare used to showcase individual products from a brand and when print runs are considerable such as for trade fairs, conferences and events.
They showcase company identities with shapes, colours and an appealing graphic layout and highlight three essential points:

  • Who we are
  • What you do
  • Your strengths

Brochures are made up of a number of sheets held together by a glued spine and never have more than one hundred pages.

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