Plastic-Free Packaging: Rilastil

Our sustainable, plastic-free packaging for Rilastil.

Istituto Ganassini is a historical Italian company that has represented excellence in our country since 1870. Its mission is to produce cosmetics with the same safety, research and technology of the pharmaceutical field, thus guaranteeing the highest quality in its products.Faenza Group has been collaborating with Istituto Ganassini for many of its brands for years, including certainly the most renowned: Rilastil.

In this case the company needed to produce a display tray to present and distribute the new Rilastil D-Clar line, made with sustainable and recyclable materials in compliance with the company’s brand policy. It also needed to be small in size, both for the display at the point of sale and for the optimisation of transport, and specifically designed to contain the three products of the line, being obviously of different weights and sizes.

We therefore made several samples in the design phase that led to the final product:

  • Completely recyclable, plastic-free packaging made with FSC® certified materials
  • 6-colour printing – four-colour and 2 Pantone® colours
  • UV glossy screen printing
  • Interior printed with Pantone® silver

Faenza Group’s consultants were able to fulfil three distinct needs: sustainability, aesthetics and functionality, but not only. In this particular case we also took care of logistics, managing the insertion of the products inside the display trays (total of 69,000 products), customising the packages intended for sale, those for complimentary use and those intended for export with different codes and characteristics.

We are extremely proud of this project which was carried out within the scheduled time, optimising production and management costs for the customer.