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Faenza Printing believes strongly in the future and the extraordinary evolutionary potential of the production process.

Studying technological innovation systems designed to improve printing product quality is of the utmost importance to us, as is retaining and increasing our competitive edge on global markets.

Faenza Printing’s Research and Development division focuses on researching and investing in corporate productivity via in-depth technological analysis and development driven by a professional team capable of anticipating future developments and rendering them feasible today.

With Faenza Printing quality always wins out!

It is constant innovation and hard work every single day that enables Faenza Printing to successfully take up the cutting-edge and top quality communication tools-production challenge.

Hard work and exceptional expertise converging on a single goal:
fulfilling client expectations with innovative products, rapid turnover times and flexibility.


We prioritise worker safety, product quality and environmental safeguards and have obtained several certifications testifying to our way of working.

By your side for a sustainable future

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