Stradivarius violins

The tradition of fine French violin making and Stradivarius violins come to life thanks to outstanding print quality

In the early 1800s, Nicolas Lupot crafted some of finest violins of all time, modelling his work on Stradivarius and laying the foundations for the violin making tradition in Paris which is still famous today.

The past has now been brought back to life, thanks to the publication of a large size coffee table book which uses Faenza Group technologies to enhance the details and colours of the pictures, to the point that the old violins look as if they are about to jump off the pages.

These technologies have given us life size prints of 28 instruments which celebrate the work, experience and talent of the famous violin maker, Lupot, and other professionals who worked at the time of the French Revolution.

The book is published by ALADFI, Association des luthiers et archetiers pour le développement de la facture instrumentale, and was presented on 29 September 2017 at the international music festival, Cremona Musica.

Thanks to the “Faenza IG_STACCATO®” technology, the violins are faithfully reproduced as regards the grain of the wood and the varnish, which shows that they are original works of art.

This publication is testimony to how today, thanks to the experience, know-how and technologies of Faenza Group, there are no limits to reproducing the vibrant colours, sinuous shapes and brilliant shine of the materials, and the result is so life-like, you almost think you can touch them.