Guess: when the positioning of a brand is also perceived by the details.

An iconic brand born from the genius of the four Marciano brothers: Guess is a brand synonymous with resourcefulness and personality. The idea was to combine the allure of Hollywood style with the charm and elegance of French fashion, a challenge that has allowed Guess to expand its market from denim to all other garments, even producing accessories, jewellery and perfumes.

A brand that has overturned the rules of fashion advertising, moving its shootings from photo studios to outdoor locations and involving not only super models such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova but also internationally acclaimed stars such as Jennifer Lopez, who has been the brand’s testimonial for years. Because Guess is about women and men full of charisma, who know how to express their style and put themselves out there.

How to convey the style of a brand.

Faenza Group was commissioned by Guess to create a gift card: the challenge was to be able to quickly design a practical tool for counter display and simultaneously manage to express the style of the brand.

To do this, we supported the client at every stage, providing our design consultancy and executive solutions, with the aim of creating a unique and distinctive object: we designed a minimum thickness packaging with great impact, choosing materials and printing techniques that would enhance the elegance and preciousness of this communication object, in perfect Guess style.

We chose to create the packaging in Black Gold scratch and fingerprint resistant paper, backed onto rigid cardboard with an invisible magnetic closure, using two-colour screen printing and silver hot foil with cliché.

The card was made in black PVC with silver screen printing and high thickness varnish, personalised with the unique codes on the back and scratch-offs.