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Faenza Printing’s inspection system software identifies and pinpoints defects and anomalies such as typos or smudging, misalignment, marks, streaks or printing gaps.

Products are checked and analysed by our quality assurance division right through from printing coherence to product packaging. Each single step is paid the finest attention to detail and nothing is left to chance.

All quality assurance checks are automated, starting with proven defect detection systems which make forerror-free results in rapid time frames.

The inspection systems used by Faenza Printing minimise waste material and unusable prints which can slow down the printing process as a whole.

Painstaking work

Our quality assurance processes are carried out by highly skilled staff who use opticalinspection software to identify printing data, packaging quality, label printing, letter readability and any bar codes.

A combination of a range of technologies and specific check systems with operator support makes for a complete, well-defined vision of offset, flexographic and rotogravure machines.

It is detail-oriented professional work and the result is a top quality competitive product.
If it is excellent results and error-free working you are looking for Faenza Printing is the right firm for you.


We prioritise worker safety, product quality and environmental safeguards and have obtained several certifications testifying to our way of working.

By your side for a sustainable future

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