Faenza Group for Moncler: a big project for a big company.

Moncler is one of the world’s largest companies in the fashion industry. Known for its sporty yet chic style, Moncler is among the brands that have experienced exponential global growth in recent years. As can be well imagined, this major boost has seen it impose indispensable changes at the management level.

In 2014, Faenza Group was a strategic partner to develop a functional, easy-to-use solution with the goal of improving the entire workflow just as exponentially. Moncler needed to innovate its management system for materials such as: business cards, envelopes, stationery paper, folders, CRM material and receipt holders for all its points of sale around the world. The initial input given by Moncler was precisely that of optimising these flows by creating products of the highest level. But how?

Accessible and automated stationary for functional and simple management.

Thanks to an extremely close collaboration with Moncler, Faenza Group succeeded in creating a management system dedicated to human resources that updates automatically and daily according to the data that is entered. It is a tool divided into various levels of access, where agreed price lists are created for all points of sale around the world.

This system automatically generates executive print documents, created on the basis of already certified data and derived directly from the personnel management systems, capable of organising and producing all the material required for all points of sale around the world. The benefits are truly significant:

  • noticeably short execution times,
  • production uniformity,
  • extremely streamlined flow,
  • time savings and resources dedicated to management and control phases.

Since 2014, the online system has been working effectively and continues to be managed by Faenza Group in collaboration with Moncler. Based on their needs, the management system has evolved several times since its creation, following changes that concerned requirements, products, invoicing and shipments. The management of Moncler stationery remains one of the flagships of Faenza Group, which also has the satisfaction of being able to guarantee the highest level of production and the best innovative services.

MyPrintingUP: the private portal that saves time and resources.

The solution used for Moncler is MyPrintingUP: an exclusive portal created to meet the creation and organisation needs of all communication products.

A private portal that not only saves time and resources allocated to the document management of communication materials, but which also offers:

  • order optimisation for copies of language versions;
  • simplified management of the corporate identity;
  • predetermined and reliable prices per batch and per item;
  • orderly and quick management of print files;
  • clear and detailed invoicing;
  • real-time online feedback on order status;
  • the ability to create users with different functions and visibility.