POPs and shop window displays

The four sales point Ps

Sales points are the ideal venues for positive, engaging sensation experimentation. Every element in them – from clothing to display stands – plays a part in the consumer acquisition process.

In modern marketing strategies sales points are full-blown centre-stage players on the product promotion scene and the field of action of the four Marketing Mix Ps introduced by Kotler:

  • Product: goods sold
  • Promotion: all promotion and communication activities
  • Place: the sales location
  • Price: the sales price

One of the main elements of these four Ps, Promotion, is a way of getting the product across in communication campaigns and tools designed for the target public.

With a more demanding and active clientele than in the past, firms have battened down the hatches and adopted well-planned sales strategies supported by personalised material capable of triggering curiosity and attracting consumer attention into sales points themselves.

Display stands, posters, crowners, rotairs and window displays are the most commonly used visual communication sector tools to promote a firm’s brand image with high impact tools.


POP materials

Made in a range of materials and in personalisable formats POPs drive sales and are an opportunity for brands to be seen and remembered by consumers at sales points.

Pop merchandising is an effective communication tool and includes objects made in:

  • Long-lasting materials, full-blown large-scale structures interacting with the space around them, such as islands, stoppers, rotairs and totems.
  • Non-lasting materials – display stands made with single use short-lived materials such as flyers, cards, leaflets, posters, adhesives and brochures.

If located correctly POP materials are high visual impact and can be positioned in all retail outlets, such as clothes shops, supermarkets, doctors’ clinics and offices to promote products and information.

POP materials: what are they?

They include:

  • Totem
  • Display stands
  • Banners
  • Display panels
  • Desk
  • Cut-outs
  • Roll-Up

Latest work

Window displays

Visual merchandising builds brand identity via window displays, rigid display stands designed for shop window communication in retail outlets such as chemists, supermarkets, shopping malls and beauty product stores.

They are immediate and direct, remaining with clients at length and are considered to be some of the most engaging shop window communication tools.

Shop windowsigns can be in PVC or flat cardboard, with or without a stand, and can be personalised in a range of shapes and colours. There are a great many options including:

  • Micro-flute cardboard
  • Coupled and full cardboard
  • Folding window displays
  • Window displays with leaflet-holder pockets