Limited Edition

Truly prestigious editions

Their aura of sophistication means that limited editions attract attention and drive sales, as compared to standard books. Limited edition products and collections tend to amplify consumer trust and attention as products are presented as about to run out, thus increasing the public’s feeling of buying urgency.

Exclusivity and uniqueness

Le Limited Edition attraggono e persuadono il pubblico sull’acquisto e si caratterizzano per la loro aura di preziosità rispetto alle edizioni standard; i prodotti e le collezioni in Edizione Limitata, infatti, incontrano sempre la fiducia e l’attenzione dei consumatori in quanto il prodotto viene presentato come vicino ad esaurirsi e questo ne aumenta il senso di bisogno da parte del pubblico.

A shortage of copies thus translates into increased desire to buy: a clear, tangible principle and the basis for the limited edition strategy.

The rush to get hold of a limited edition has always been a winning strategy and niche brand marketing is founded on clear rules:

  • With a limited edition brands free themselves of traditional formats with a novel version.
  • Limited edition strategies offer consumers a new and powerful experience.
  • Brands identify consumer needs and translate them into extraordinary buying experiences.
  • Limited editions contribute fresh energy and desirability to products.
  • Limited editions can save brands from obsolescence and waning consumer interest.

Faenza Printing offers professional limited edition volume printing services using top quality printing and binding methods.

With high-resolution printing limited editions are labelled with print run numbers.


Latest work

Limited edition strategies

Short time frames and a limited number of products: consumers are driven to buy and uniqueness is a top-level added value.

Products with prestige finishes, for example, can be sold at higher prices and appeal to a niche market willing to pay more for fine products.

Limited editions are valuable marketing tools which should not be underrated and can stimulate interest in, and showcase, a different facet of a brand.
Limited edition labels imply that there is something new about a product which was not there in the traditional version. Such strategies are founded on two determinant concepts: immediacy and exclusivity.