Tom Ford

Tom Ford: icon of a unique and unmistakeable style.

Creative, multifaceted, passionate and dynamic. Tom Ford has always stood out for his unmistakeable style that can be found in various fields of fashion. His innate creativity led him first to relaunch the powerful Gucci brand and then to set up his own brand, until he reached filming as a director and screenwriter.

The Tom Ford brand was recognised right from the outset, with ideas that were as crazy as they were innovative, immediately attracting the attention of the big names in fashion. His style is imprinted on luxury that amazes. He produces luxury clothing, accessories, footwear and perfumes, in which glamour is always at the forefront. From eclectic leather eyewear to the high-class sporty mix, from vintage associated with modern lines to pure elegance, Tom Ford leaves indelible traces that amaze at first sight.

Conveying glamour and elegance at first sight.

Faenza Group was commissioned by the Tom Ford brand to make a gold mirror invitation card, to recall the Christmas holidays. The aim: to convey glamour and elegance at first sight. Everything is based on a play of lights through two-level stereoplates: one for the brand logo and the other to create lozenges on the bottom.

The result is a contrast with a luminous effect on the front that captures your attention at first sight. Natural card was used on the back, with the greeting text always in gold, as well as the edge gilding on the four sides. This way, the reference to the same shade was continual. The same colour and card were also chosen for the ad hoc made envelopes.

Particularly noteworthy is the design and production speed. Faenza Group’s technicians were able to carry out this important project in little more than a week in the run-up to the Christmas holidays. The invitations punctually reached the client at the designated locations and stores. And to top it off, the address of each destination was hot stamped in gold on the front of the envelope.