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Magazines and journals which everyone loves

Faenza Printing makes high-engagement and artistic publishing products and specialises especially in exclusive, customised magazines, journals and book series.
In conjunction with high-profile sector experts, Faenza Printing offers quality printing products capable of showcasing clients’ brand identities by stimulating past engagement experiences.

In our hyper-fast-paced and digitalised world with its real time focus, magazines and journals are ‘traditional’ communication products which give readers a slow-paced reading experience made up of written words and images.

To drive magazine and journal purchases, and thus copies sold, publishers have made these much more engaging and modern, with appealing graphics and copy and quasi-tactile coated covers. Magazine format has been redesigned for changed use and varies by content, ranging from the more common A4 (where there are lots of photographs) to square shapes for more user-friendly pocket magazines.

Finishes are always the best way of adding a touch of luxury to magazines, such as UV selective paint which increases text, image and contents visibility.

Choosing the right paper

Obtaining the best results means selecting the best paper as the channel by which your message reaches readers and governs reading and use. The ‘right’ paper is, in fact, a way of highlighting printing colours, font and luminosity.

Paper differs in weight, working and finish. For magazines and journals coated paper is to be preferred as it generally makes for a better rendering of photographs and images. Another option is mould-made or marked paper. Cover paper should weigh more than 100 grams more than internal pages.

Latest work

Technology and innovation

Faenza Printing makes fashion and lifestyle magazines, culture journals and company magazines and distributes them custom-made via its HUB service in both Italy and abroad. Not only does this facilitate dissemination but it also keeps printing costs down.