In a digital world printed products play a fundamentally important part in business communication and are powerful marketing and sales tools.



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Il printing come mezzo per la comunicazione

This is why Faenza Printing works tirelessly to bring out your company’s strengths, generating visual narratives which engage end-clients and drive sales. Over the years Faenza Printing has succeeded in strengthening its communication brand identity with a focus on high visual impact digital solutions capable of engaging end users and getting them involved.


Our printing products

High definition, personalisedprinting products based on top quality creative working processes. Over the years Faenza Printing has succeeded in gaining a reputation for professionalism and quality products making it the communication partner of choice for top Italian and international brands.

Faenza Printing focuses on creativity which, combined with efficiency, enables us to offer clients top quality printing products with digital printing, traditional offset printing and facsimile being just a few of Faenza Printing’s fields of application.



LED-UV printing is one of a range of technologies used at Faenza Printing and has revolutionised traditional printing methods. It is a technology which allows for up to six colours and in-line printing thanks to the polymerisation technique making for outstanding printing even on coloured, coated and untreated paper.

It is capable of rapid ink drying on paper as it comes out of machines with a consequent reduction in working time frames.


Digital printing

Top quality and better end product definition also thanks to digital printing which speeds up working and delivery time frames without ever compromising on graphics quality.

Faenza Printing uses digital technology to print books, brochures, magazines, invitations, cards and all other forms of visual communication supports in both small volumes and large surfaces.

There are a great many benefits to digital printing such as the opportunity to personalise printing projects including when work is already under way and starting with a single copy. It is this which distinguishes it from offset printing.



Offset printing

Despite the many benefits offered by digital printing there is still a market preference for offset printing which offers high printing resolution and definition on all types of paper, both smooth and non-smooth and on not-fully-even materials.

Offset printing is based on indirect printing technologies in which images are processed via a series of cylinders and not printed directly onto paper – as they are in digital printing – because the ink is first transferred onto lithographic plates, then onto rubber and lastly onto paper. The working process consists of three cylinders in contact with one another.

Faenza Printing uses offset printing technology for books, magazines, top quality catalogues and all printing products requiring medium-to-large print runs.

Offset printing products lose nothing of their beauty and quality over time and extend Faenza Printing’s product range, enabling us to respond to client demands as professionally as always.



Facsimile printing

Fine art printing and binding is at its best in facsimile printing which is ideal for reproductions of historic manuscripts and texts.

The beauty of facsimile volumes reproduced page by page via facsimile printing brings images, friezes and decorations from historic books to life.

Faenza Printing specialises in limited and specifically certified reproduction print runs for manuscripts emulating the sheet weight, page length and image colour of the originals.

There are very few printing firms in Europe whose expertise with facsimile printing can rival Faenza Printing’s.

It requires fine attention to detail by specialist artisans capable of bringing past glories to life.

Faenza Printing for cutting-edge printing services

Faenza Printing can rightfully claim to be a printing sector leader. The key words in our work are: tradition, perfection, attention to detail. And in addition to this, the know-how of specialist technicians and increasingly avant-garde technologies.

Behind all technological processes and machinery acquisitions lies a desire for constant printing service improvements to serve clients to the full.

Hard work and tenacity have won Faenza Printing a reputation for superior quality, rapid turnover time frames and, first and foremost, a precise attention to client requirements.

Faenza Printing excels in particular in the following printed products:

  • Fashion and lifestyle magazines
  • Culture journals
  • Company magazines
  • Company and product catalogues