Photo books

Snapping a memory

Immortalising a perfect moment, impressing a journey or special moment onto our memories with a photo. A family photo, a great triumph or an important event. Photographs come to life in printed form and are turned into high-engagement-impact communication tools.

Photo books

The best way to conserve photos and hand them on is to bind them together into a photo book which uses digital printing or H-UV technology to obtain a top quality rendering. Colours, nuances and images are high resolution printed for increasingly personalised results.

Photo books can be printed in a range of formats:

  • vertical
  • panoramic
  • square

The paper chosen is key to making a sophisticated and long lasting product. The best options are A3 or A4 shiny or satin-effect formats.

Increasingly personalised books

It is maximum printing and cover personalisation which differentiates photo books from other communication products. You can choose an initial preview or set out photos across double pages, with a flat book binding which prints photos, such as panoramic pictures, with no breaks.
A great many creative solutions can be experimented with, including as regards printing method and binding. And finishes are also extremely important for photo book personalisation purposes.

Why not print on opaque or padded paper or try spiral binding? The result will really stand out!

Latest work

Fashion photo books

Fashion photography books are very much in demand in the fashion sector because printed images showcase clothing from the most prestigious cat walks and the various model or brand perspectives of the style sector. Complete collections and shots make for out-and-out haute couture encyclopaedias.

Faenza Printing offers full-blown photo book publishing services using digital, offset or U-UH technology printing for top class product rendering.