Zanasi Group

The entire art of Zanasi enclosed in a single box.

Zanasi Group is a company with over 50 years of history and experience in the field of bodywork, painting and restoration of luxury cars. For many years, the team has been a partner of Ferrari for any type of repair and customization of the world’s most famous red cars. Zanasi Group is a reference point for the restoration of classic cars on an international level and is also certified for Maserati thanks to the exceptionally high standards achieved.

The history of Zanasi Group is absolutely fascinating, but even more so are the true works of art that the team is able to achieve. Cars entrusted to the skilled and expert hands of Zanasi Group specialists are given new life in all their components, from the bodywork to the mechanical parts. But what counts is not only the result. All the restoration phases are equally important, and it is just as fundamental to enable the car owner to be part of all the works that have been performed.

The box that enables you be part of the restoration.

The greatest gift you can give to those who love their cars is to make them part of every single moment that contributes to the great result. This is why Zanasi Group thought of giving its customers a box with the shots of a priceless work. Creating an object that encloses a genuine art is not easy, but the Faenza Group team was able to meet even the greatest expectations.

In addition to the photo album, the client thought it would be even more significant and exciting to include videos in the box. Combining creativity and technology, Faenza Group created a luxury box with an innovative style that contains a book with the most important shots and a portable 10-inch display with memory card on which to save the personalised videos for each client. The idea of innovation is perfectly represented by an external carbon-like coating with Zanasi Group’s logo realized on metallic silver coloured resin adhesive. Suedel® Luxe was chosen for the inside, a sophisticated smooth flock lining, embellished by the vibrant Ferrari red satin ribbon.