Art books

Exclusive composition, printing and binding for personalised, one-of-a-kind results.

A fully-fledged printed art vernissage, an art bookis a creative product made by an artist transferred to a paper support.
It is a limited print run designed as a unique format to showcase the beauties of a high visual impact design project and get it out to a wider audience.

Printing an art book requires great professional expertise and involves graphic work and printing techniques capable of generating a top quality product.

Special binding for art products

Binding plays a key part in art books and catalogues with the way pages fold, binding and glueing being crucial to the success of an art product.

There are various types:

  • Milled: bindings in which sheets of paper are cut, milled and glued to the spine. This makes for a harder wearing book package. This type of binding uses mould-made paper
  • Thread: sewn binding featuring groups of 16 pages which are folded and sewn together. This is considered the strongest and most prestigious binding method and the paper used for it is coated.
  • Stapling: combining beauty and sophistication, this is the best binding method for limited page numbers such as magazines, journals and booklets.
  • Metal rings: a metal spiral is used to assemble the sheets. This is perfect for theses, company presentations and prestigious research.

Latest work

LED-UV printing

Paper and binding choices certainly make an important contribution to art book success but it is innovative, top quality printing which is indispensable.

LED-UV printing ensures maximum printing-solution standards of the highest quality. Latest generation software and H-UV technology with up to 6 colours plus in-line printing enables materials of various thicknesses to be used as printing supports.

Outstanding colours and instant drying make for added art book printing value.