Etro: the invitation is an original fan.

How do you create an invitation for an exclusive, elegant and fresh event? For the Etro Donna fashion show there was a need to convey the feeling of a breath of fresh air. An invitation with an original feel that is innovative, light and at the same time becomes a distinctive feature for a sophisticated and eternally elegant woman. What better object than a fan could bring all these emotions together?

The input from Etro’s art director was absolutely spot on: a fan that was not only aesthetically beautiful, but whose real challenge was to be functional, actually usable and above all, durable. How do you make all of this into a fashion show invitation? Faenza Group’s professionals brought together all of these features into a unique and never previously created object. To be noticed, but above all to no longer be forgotten.

Light as origami, durable as every Faenza Group creation.

The fan effect was conceived as a real origami, which recalls Etro’s typical floral fabrics. Made entirely of recyclable materials, with fine Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum White paper, the fan was delivered to the guests along with an envelope created ad hoc, a folder for the press kit and press release – all perfectly coordinated with the Etro style.

Lightness and durability. Faenza Group’s creation achieved both objectives. The aesthetic effect that reproduces a typical Etro fabric and the functional one enabling the fan to actually be used. Behind all this there is, as always, a meticulous study of the relationship between paper and mechanics. The representation of the fan summarises the traditional quality of Etro design: a contemporary twist that dares with innovative colours and tones. And it is precisely the colours that are the protagonists in capturing the attention, rendered to the utmost thanks to printing on natural five-colour paper (four-colours + Pantone).