Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are unlike other types of book. They are décor items designed to be displayed on a sideboard or book case. Such books are design items, exquisite printed products packed with images and colours suffusing readers with emotions and creativity.

They are also extraordinary communication tools to take pride of place in client or guest waiting areas and act as talking points.

So if you are looking for an optimal reading or conversation trigger for your office or doctor’s studio, a coffee table book may be just what you need.

What do coffee table books focus on?

From a pre-eminently décor related perspective, coffee table books are generally seen as books to leaf through not read and thus content-free. But in actual fact, books are there to be read. And whilst many coffee table books are architecture or fashion specific, they can also take readers by surprise with other topics.

Let’s have a look:

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Interior design
  • Travel
  • Fashion and style

On average coffee table books have over 200 pages but much smaller versions of just 30 pages can also be made. For larger books a thicker spine is best as it allows for extra graphics and an appealing variety of titles as well as strong and professional binding.

Latest work

True coffee table books!

Attractive, colourful and varying in style, coffee table books are fully-fledged collector’s items, decorative elements to put on show and be inspired by.

All such books contain exquisite and captivating images. Ranging from fashion to cars and photography, coffee table books narrate history, architecture gems and natural beauties by means of the evocative power of images.

One-off, precious collector’s items.