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“Fashion in 2023”: Faenza Printing prints the style

Whole 2023 fashion in one extraordinary book

The highlights, events and protagonists of the fashion industry of the past year are captured in a unique and iconic book. Here’s the new book published by STYLE NOT COM, the famous and popular Instagram account focused on fashion and style founded by Beka Gvishiani.

With its unmistakable and distinctive graphics – blue squares with white all-cap text – ‘Fashion in 2023’ is a journey backwards that offers an original perspective of the past year’s trends.

Following the previous edition ‘Fashion in 2022’ this edition lives up to the author’s words “it’s a smaller book but with bigger stories”.

Big stories that delves into the most significant moments of the last 12 months, showcasing an exclusive reportage and original point of view of the fashion landscape.

he book, featuring FAENZA PRINTING’s craftmanship, was unveiled during a special dinner held at the exclusive and original location at Sant Ambroeus Milano, well-known restaurant in Milan.

Guests were welcomed into a captivating scenography echoing STYLE NOT COM’s signature blue tone with also numerous other gadgets, always colour- coordinated, with the famous online magazine that specializes in fashion.

Fashion is painted blue with Faenza Printing

For the printing of this extraordinary book that captures all the great collaborations, emerging independent designers and various trends that represent the past year of fashion, STYLE NOT COM entrusted FAENZA PRINTING.

A 372-page book, size 11x11cm, hardcover, all pages (except one!) printed 1/1 in the classic and customized STYLE NOT COM blue pantone, with offset varnish overall.

As mentioned, just one page printed 1/1 in Deep Black, instead of Blue, with offset varnish overall.

This particular feature makes the book truly unique.

The paper used is 150gsm Symbol Matt Plus coated paper.

The endpapers are also printed 1/1 in custom blue Pantone, while the cover is printed 1/0 with the same special blue pantone, and the anti-scratch matt lamination added.

The prestigious case-binding, section sewn, has a cover folded over a 3mm cardboard, with squared spine and white Politi head & tail bands. 1 White.

In essence, a truly unique and remarkable volume, with a high visually and communicative impact, that with exclusive simplicity and clever refinement of style, honorus an entire year of successes for fashion as well as its talented protagonists.

Protagonists among which we at FAENZA PRINTING pride ourselves with the printing of this very special volume, created for a reality known internationally as STYLE NOT COM.

Another important printing project created by FAENZA PRINTING, thanks to the commitment and work of a competent and close-knit team.

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