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Faenza Group’s objective: to make every book it prints a design object!

Franco Gobbi’s debut book, Fragile, published by Damiani Editore, is a photographic analysis of the world of top models. The aim of Faenza Group, which was involved in each of the production stages, was to turn the book into a design object.

But how?

It was not down to a single detail but to the care with which the multiple techniques and finishes chosen were applied, and this was made possible by the teamwork of the Group’s Sales and Technical Departments.
The book is produced in a “trade” version and a “limited edition” version, which comes with a stylish presentation box. One of the author’s photos has been reproduced on glass and mounted on the front of the box, with eight different versions to choose from. Each of the prints was created in a room isolated from the outside world to carry out this special printing on glass technique.

The unique features of this masterpiece of art and design do not stop here!

The trade and limited edition versions have matching covers in natural-looking fabric (100% certified FSC® cotton) so that one looks like the negative of the other. The trade edition has a white hot lamina on black canvas, embellished on the front by a paper reproduction of the photo printed on the glass, while the limited edition has a black hot lamina on white canvas.
Inside the book, the impact of the unreal, illusive and fragile images is amplified by four different types of special paper and a number of sections have been further enhanced by a special UV varnishing effect.
Thanks to an unusual colour technique using black acrylic varnish, the trade version features ornamental decoration and graphic finishing on the edge of the pages.