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Between lockdown and incentives for young people: the boom of books (and readers)!

In a year as complicated as 2020, good news comes from the publishing world.
According to the AIE(Associazione Italiana Editori), the book market recorded a growthof +44% in the first six months of 2021, with 15 million copies of printed books sold more than the previous year and 11 million more than in 2019.

That the constraints caused by the pandemic and the resulting lockdown have increased the desire to go out and go on vacation, especially on the threshold of holidays for many Italians, is now a certainty.

But the data coming from the supply chain of the book show that the desire to escape (at least with imagination) and a little more free time have made many rediscover the pleasure of reading:

  • The 31% of readers say they read more than before
  • The 25% of buyers admit to buying more than before
  • Only 13% say they read or buy less than before

Thanks to the 18App culture bonus dedicated to the youngest and Dante’s anniversary for the 700 years since his death, bookshops have reached 332.9 million euros, while online is still the preferred channel for the purchase of books, which occupies 47% of the market.
On social media, especially in the last year, the so-called “bookstagram”, are depopulated profiles dedicated to books, while for the best-selling literary genres, a growth of +94% has been recorded by literary criticism driven by the «Dante effect».