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Faenza Printing organizes and accelerates shipping activities around the world.

We take care of your print and take it wherever you want, through a reliable and organized logistics service in detail. From large urban centers to small hubs, distribution is organized for national and international transit.

Your communication will have no limits: from printing to finishing to product diffusion, with a safe and reliable logistics service according to a controlled and effective automation process.

Faenza Printing relies on the Distribution Hub for the distribution in Italy and abroad of printed products and to identify reliable partners and the best distribution points.

Efficient shipping and customer madeLow costsSafe delivery of products

Distribution Hub and fast reprint

Technology, innovation and advanced software to organize all
distribution operations in a short time and to optimize the sorting of products worldwide by land, sea and air.

Faenza Printing also offers the Fast Reprint service: reduced printing prices, just time printing, print sorting, quality and performance of the first edition, fast worldwide deliveries, management and distribution, printing customization,
ease of printing on different formats and media.

Faenza Printing, the best way to reach your readers!


We prioritise worker safety, product quality and environmental safeguards and have obtained several certifications testifying to our way of working.

By your side for a sustainable future

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