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And here is the magic moment, the long-awaited moment; what the whole printing department is waiting for with a hint of childish and confident enthusiasm.
The project comes to life, it becomes real. The pages are assembled, joined together and the initial ideas finally have a shape, a consistency and become tangible.

Tying is certainly one of the most fascinating moments of the entire printing process and is part of the last phase, the one that deals with the assembly of books, catalogs or magazines.

Faenza Printing produces exclusive and customized editorial products, collaborating with international partners in the world of fashion and luxury.

Binding, between craftsmanship and technology

A bookbinding department equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staff with a qualified know-how, acquired over the years, which produces numerous types of printed and binding: manual, classic, metal-stitch binding, dies, printed with folds.

The automation systems used guarantee speed and precision.

Several techniques used by the expert team of Faenza Printing: metal spiral binding, staple binding, folding, stitching, die, up to the bodoniana binding, which gives a refined and refined look to the book.

Many Publishing Houses or Private Bodies require the Bodoniana binding, characterized by a fabric back and a greater thickness for the cover, about 2 or 3 mm.
The paperback bodoniana, named after the printer and publisher G. Bodoni, is made with cardboard plates on which is glued the cut-out cover of the book in paperback.


We prioritise worker safety, product quality and environmental safeguards and have obtained several certifications testifying to our way of working.

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