We turn pixels into emotions



Faenza Printing transforms emotions into print, makes them real and converts them into
revolutionary projects of communication.

Passion and a continuous search to go further, to study innovative graphic solutions are combined with the ability to always create unique and creative products.
To a know how attentive to market trends, combines an equally sophisticated team game with designers and technicians in the sector able to offer the customer an “all inclusive” experience, with the aim of directing it towards choices and printing solutions appropriate to the project.

Faenza Printing si has been able to distinguish itself in the sector thanks to the commitment of all employees and the presence of increasingly sophisticated machinery, designed to satisfy an increasingly demanding international clientele and looking for an exclusive and valuable product.

Print products that communicate emotions

Among the products of the Printing sector emerge: catalogues, brochures, photographic books, company profiles, stationery and invitations, special cartotecnica projects, design furniture catalogues, prints facsimile volumes.

Everything takes place quickly and each product is the result of excellent digital processing, which allows greater printing accuracy and maximum customization of the finishes.

Satisfactory results that have allowed Faenza Printing to become an important point of reference in the Italian and foreign scene with the creation of high-end products such as leather, velvet, leather covers with elements in gold or silver, screen printing and flasks.


We prioritise worker safety, product quality and environmental safeguards and have obtained several certifications testifying to our way of working.

By your side for a sustainable future

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